Mercedes receive all-clear on wheel design

17-10-2018 16:44
by Bobby Vincent
Mercedes receive all-clear on wheel design

Mercedes have been given the all-clear by the FIA after Ferrari requested an investigation on their new wheel hub and rims.

Ferrari approached the FIA questionning Mercedes' rear wheel rim and hub design, that has been used by the Silver Arrows in recent races.

Red Bull were banned from using a rim design with many holes and Scuderia felt that the Mercedes design was similar.

The FIA looked in detail at the matter, and concluded that the two were not in fact very similar and there were many differences.

Mercedes and Ferrari have now been informed about the outcome of the FIA's investigation.

This is not the first time there has been a feud between the top two teams this season - Mercedes raised doubt over Ferrari's power unit earlier in the season, when the Italians had the faster car.

It seems as if Ferrari are willing to do anything to try and salvage something out of this season's F1 championship - with the possibility of it all coming to an end as early as this weekend.

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