RUMOUR: Zandvoort to get 65 million-euro injection to get F1 race

15-10-2018 12:28
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
RUMOUR: Zandvoort to get 65 million-euro injection to get F1 race

Dutch circuit Zandvoort is rumoured to get a massive cash injection of 65 million euro's to renovate the track's facilities, with reports being that the former F1 track will try to appear on the calendar once again.

The other famous Dutch circuit, the TT-circuit in Assen which hosts the MotoGP every year, would also have interest in hosting a Grand Prix in the near future, with the Dutch market for F1 exploding in recent years since the rise of Max Verstappen.

F1 race director Charlie Whiting visited Zandvoort recently and stated that the track would only need minor renovations to get up to F1-standards in terms of facilities and security.

Zandvoort has already cleared its schedule a bit for next season, with the DTM now being hosted at Assen instead, meaning there's a weekend free to host an international racing class at Zandvoort now. Could it be F1?

Erik de Vlieger, a man who also leaked the Red Bull-Honda partnership before it was announced, knows that the investment is taking place. The city of Amsterdam will help with the investment so Zandvoort can host an F1 race in the future.

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