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Lance Stroll backed by team: 'We need to do better ourselves'

Lance Stroll backed by team: 'We need to do better ourselves'

05-09-2023 13:51 Last update: 15:23
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Toby McLuskie

Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack takes issue with his driver Lance Stroll. The young Canadian has been disappointing for weeks and is no match for the speed and performance of teammate Fernando Alonso. As a result, criticism of team owner Lawrence Stroll's son is mounting. Talking to Motorsport.com, Krack makes himself heard.

Whereas Fernando Alonso tallied 170 points, Stroll did not get beyond 47 points. If Stroll scored as many points as Fernando Alonso, Aston Martin would be by far the second team in the constructors' championship. Krack acknowledges there is a big gap in the rankings between the two gentlemen, although that does not say much about the difference in speed, the Luxembourger believes: "There is not a big gap in pace."

'Aston Martin needs to improve, not Stroll'

According to the team boss, it is the team itself that needs to step up a gear, not Stroll: "In terms of strategy, but also in terms of reliability. We have had a few problems with that and each time it was his car that got hit because of that." Krack is referring to the Grand Prix at Zandvoort, where, in his opinion, Stroll drove a strong weekend but lost out due to a strategic choice.