Hamilton wishes for more battles with Vettel

11-10-2018 16:42
by Adam Newton
Hamilton wishes for more battles with Vettel

One thing every Formula One fan loves is two title rivals battling it out during a Grand Prix. Think Vettel and Alonso at Monza in 2012, or Prost and Senna’s wonderful battles for McLaren in the late eighties.

As fans, this is what we love, and Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he also relishes these battles and says that he wants more wheel to wheel action against the Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel.

The race for the title is as good as over, with Hamilton holding a 67 point lead over his rival with just four races to go.

The huge swing in Hamilton’s favour has been as much down to Hamilton’s brilliance as it has been Vettel and Ferrari’s struggles, with the title battle closing without many on-track battles between the two contenders.

The one we all remember is the first lap at the Italian Grand Prix, where Vettel’s race was ruined after contact with Hamilton on the first lap, with Russia also being a venue for a battle.

Hamilton said: "I love that we have those races and those battles. I wish to have more of them.

"Being able to go up head-to-head with the guy you're competing with,  who brakes earliest, who falters, is the ultimate challenge of your mental stability under that pressure.

"I always welcome them and I'm glad, I'm grateful we have had some of those moments, like Russia.

!The strategy didn't work out well but it was actually good for giving me the opportunity to show my abilities at those pressured moments."

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