Mick Schumacher could make jump from F3 straight to F1!

11-10-2018 11:25
by Jake Williams-Smith
Mick Schumacher could make jump from F3 straight to F1!

Mick Schumacher could follow the career path of Lance Stroll and make the jump immediately from F3 to F1 according to the Canadian himself. Schumacher has hit an incredible patch of form which has seen him take the lead of the championship from Red Bull junior driver Dan Ticktum.

Schumacher is favourite to win the championship this weekend in Germany at Hockenheim. Asked whether Schumacher could make the same jump he did, Stroll told RaceFans that he potentially could make the immediate move up to F1 if he can acclimatise to the cars quickly.

“I don’t think there’s a right or wrong. Some drivers get a chance to get into Formula 1 and you have to go for it. Other drivers are in different situations. It’s very dependent from driver to driver, everyone has their own unique situation.”

“I drove the old car a lot but the step to the new regulations (meant) the new car was, compared to their 2014 car, seven seconds faster.

“The power you get used to quickly, it’s really how to optimise the car. The tyres also.

“It’s definitely a big jump from Formula Three, you’re looking at like 15 seconds – probably more – 20 seconds of lap time depending on the track. It’s definitely a big jump.”

F1 motorsport chief Ross Brawn believes that Schumacher would be better served with a season in F2 first before making the graduation into F1, calling it the next "logical step".

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