Brawn insists Marchionne's death has impacted on the Ferrari team

09-10-2018 17:59
by Matt Gretton
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Brawn insists Marchionne's death has impacted on the Ferrari team

Ross Brawn thinks the passing of former Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne has impacted the Ferrari team. Marchionne passed away in the summer just days after stepping down from his presidency. Brawn, an ex Ferrari man himself, says the momentum which suddenly turned away from Ferrari on track, is "totally understandable."

"Compared to last year, even Ferrari’s reliability has improved. So where’s the problem?" Brawn told F1i.

"There is no doubt the shock of the sudden death of its leader, Sergio Marchionne, who had been such a strong reference in the team, will have a major impact, and that is totally understandable."

Taking the racing back to Silverstone and Ferrari had the fastest car. Now Lewis Hamilton has won six of the last seven races. Brawn knows how much of a legacy Marchionne left behind through his own experience. He insists the Italian team must pull together and stay united, rather than play the blame game on their mistakes.

"Having experienced many crises myself during my time with Ferrari, what I know is that this is the time to come together, stay united and look ahead, without resorting to recrimination and playing the blame game," Brawn concluded.

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