Vettel wants sit-down with Verstappen: "Want to talk to him privately"

08-10-2018 16:16
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Vettel wants sit-down with Verstappen: Want to talk to him privately

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel wants to have a private conversation with Red Bull driver Max Verstappen, as the German has noticed that he always has problems passing the Dutchman on the grid.

The two have a bit of a history together when it comes to personal battles, as they've clashed quite a lot of times over the last few years, most recently on Sunday in Japan. 

Vettel dived down the inside of Verstappen but hit the RB14, spinning out and breaking his right bargeboard, practically ending his race. While many think that Verstappen couldn't do anything about this incident and it was more Vettel's fault, the German insists that the 21-year-old simply left him without any room to operate in.

"I did my best to not hit him, but he braked and steered his car further to the inside of the corner," Vettel was quoted by GPtoday.

"I had nowhere to go - it's something he does more often."

Many people think that Vettel simply had to be more patient with an overtake on Verstappen, as he had a DRS-zone coming up and he was right on the less powerful Red Bull. The four-time champion disagrees.

"How long do you think I can afford to wait?

"I'm not just racing Verstappen, but ideally the guys at the front as well - I did similar moves on different drivers and I came out of the corner unharmed."

That's why he wants to have a one-on-one conversation with Verstappen, to see if anything's wrong.

"I don't feel like having a public discussion, I'd rather talk to him privately when it's possible."

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