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Prost opens fire on former Alpine man Rossi: 'Incompetent arrogant man'
Things just can't go right for the French team

Prost opens fire on former Alpine man Rossi: 'Incompetent arrogant man'

29 July at 07:15
Last update 29 July at 08:18
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Alain Prost's name, along with those of Otmar Szafnauer and Alan Permane, falls in the list of those who have left French team Alpine in the past year and a half. The Frenchman lashes out hard at former Alpine boss Laurent Rossi, who is also in that list. The 68-year-old Prost hopes things improve soon with Alpine, as it pains him to see the current situation.

"Laurent Rossi is the most beautiful example of the Dunning-Kruger effect, that of an incapable leader who thinks he can overcome his incompetence by his arrogance and lack of humanity towards his troops," Prost said of the former Alpine CEO to L'Équipe.

Prost hopes for better times for Alpine

"It is to be hoped that the decision taken on Friday to change other heads will be a salutary electroshock for the stable. I love this team and to see it in this state today saddens and distresses me. It deserves better and has everything it needs to get there," Prost said.

It is not only within the board that things are not going to plan, but also on the track. Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon still disappoint. Despite not being able to do much about it, both drivers failed to finish in Hungary. In qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix, they achieved P12 and P15.