Steiner against third car idea

22-09-2018 12:18
by Adam Newton
Steiner against third car idea

With the difficulties that Mercedes have faced getting their young drivers into F1 seats for 2019, Toto Wolff put forward the idea of some teams running a third car in particular races.

However, this idea has been rebuffed by plenty of big names in F1 and Haas boss Gunther Steiner is the latest of those to give his opinion.

Steiner said: "I’m not in agreement with a third car because it could confuse the whole picture.”

The Italian believes that fans would be confused with some teams running a third car in a few races a season, especially for fans that are newer to the sport than most.

He continued: "It would be very difficult to understand for the fans and new spectators that sometimes a third car could run.

"It would distort the actual championship, in my opinion. I think we need to sit back and come up with a better idea."

Steiner gave another reason for the idea to be scrapped and that’s the cost of running a third car.

An F1 weekend costs enough already, especially for the smaller teams and it could provide an unfair advantage for some of the bigger teams.

Steiner added: "As it stands, we have no interest to field a third car. If somebody comes up and pays for it, yes we can consider it.

"Until that happens, there is no thinking about a third car for us."

So, even with major changes in F1 scheduled just around the corner, it doesn’t look like three-car teams will be one of those.

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