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Red Bull confirms it took inspiration from studying Williams car

Red Bull confirms it took inspiration from studying Williams car

7 June - 16:02

In Spain, Red Bull Racing introduced an update to the diffuser and that change was quite similar to something we have seen on Williams ' car before. The team of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez acknowledges that they took inspiration from looking closely at the British formation's bolide.

Also looking at other F1 teams

The RB19's diffuser has had a more sinuous profile in the two top corners since a week. Paul Monaghan, Red Bull's chief engineer, says that they are always looking at other cars on the paddock to see where their own dominant bolide can be further improved.

"You cannot expect to have the best solution in all areas of the car when the car first steps onto the tarmac," Monaghan is quoted by Italian Formulapassion. Anything that could save even the slightest bit of time is picked out in detail and potentially introduced. " This particular design and floor we saw back in early 2022. Williams was one of the first teams to make quick use of it, followed by some other teams."

The 55-year-old British engineer continued, "The part in question is far back on the floor, so it doesn't have the biggest impact. It only offers a small improvement. We were in a position where we had the opportunity to introduce it, so we did," Monaghan said. The new diffuser should provide more downforce and thus faster lap times.