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Steiner to stewards over criticism: 'I take this seriously'

Steiner to stewards over criticism: 'I take this seriously'

3 June - 13:27 Last update: 14:22

Guenther Steiner, the Haas team boss, must report to the stewards on Saturday. Steiner criticised the stewards in Monaco. The team boss indicated to Sky Sports that he takes the situation seriously.

Nico Hulkenberg received a time penalty in Monaco and they were not happy about that at Haas. At least the Italian made that clear at Friday's team bosses' press conference, which GPblog also attended.

Steiner to stewards

"It's like, F1 is one of the biggest sports in the world, and we still have laymens, deciding on the fate of people who invest millions in their careers," Steiner said on Friday afternoon. It has not been officially confirmed, but in all likelihood, the team boss will have to report to the stewards on Saturday at 14:30 local time because of this ruling.

At Sky Sports, Steiner responded to the stewards' call. "I don't know what I've done this time! I go and see them, and I'll let you know afterwards. If I talk now, I get the call the second time! I take this seriously and I will tell them my opinion about it. Nico and the penalty we got, I had an opinion on it."