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Williams end plans to use Mercedes gearbox in 2019

11-09-2018 08:44
by Matt Gretton
Williams end plans to use Mercedes gearbox in 2019

Paddy Lowe has confirmed Williams will continue to race with their own manufactured gearbox in 2019. Rumours suggested that they would switch the Mercedes units next season, but this has now been extinguished.

Earlier in the season, there was a possibility, almost an expectation, that Williams would become a Mercedes 'b' team after Toto Wolff demonstrated his interest in acquiring one.

"We're not taking a Mercedes gearbox. We make our own gearbox. We'll continue to do that," Paddy Lowe told RaceFans.

"We had some discussions, but we concluded it wasn't the right direction to go."

The Williams cars are the only two on the grid not to run with carbon fibre gearboxes. They're currently made from aluminium.

Mercedes will continue to supply engines for the British family-run team.

F1magician +35 11-09-2018 09:56
Good luck to Williams, they’ve gotta dig themselves out of a hole

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