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Kravitz sees 'prehistoric floors' of Mercedes and Ferrari after crashes

Kravitz sees 'prehistoric floors' of Mercedes and Ferrari after crashes

29-05-2023 08:11

In Monaco, everyone could see the floor of the RB19 after Sergio Perez put his car into the wall in Q1. As a result, his car was craned out of the wall, revealing the floor. Ted Kravitz tells Sky Sports he is surprised at the difference between Red Bull's floor, and Mercedes' and Ferrari's floors.

Red Bull has been incredibly dominant this year after six races so far this season, with Max Verstappen winning four races so far, and his teammate Sergio Perez winning the other two this season.

This weekend, there was a good look at the floors of the different teams after crashes, and Ted Kravitz noticed something striking: "Red Bull's floor is a thing of wonder and beauty, especially when you compare it to the floor of Mercedes and Ferrari which we also saw on a crane, so we got a full view. They look prehistoric compared."

'No wonder Red Bull is so good'

The pictures now materialising of the RB19 floor reveal a lot. Kravitz thinks Red Bull will not be happy with the pictures now coming out. "When you look at these pictures and compare to the Mercedes and Ferrari you think, 'Okay no wonder this Red Bull RB19 is so good'. They'll hate it, of course, but blame Perez. It's not our fault we can see pictures of it."