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Jordan on Alonso: 'Fernando Alonso chased the money'

Jordan on Alonso: 'Fernando Alonso chased the money'

18-05-2023 17:24 Last update: 18:40
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Toby McLuskie

Fernando Alonso seems to be having the time of his life with his new team Aston Martin. The AMR23 is much more competitive than expected, battling for a podium almost every race, which is a long time coming for Alonso. Eddie Jordan says the Spaniard used to go for the money, which cost Alonso a lot of success.

Since Alonso has been driving for the Aston Martin team, the two-time world champion seems to be much more comfortable in his skin. The Spaniard often praises his team and teammate over the board radio and in the media. This was certainly not always the case in the past.

Alonso opted for money

Jordan thinks Alonso regrets his past choices. "You can never look backwards and he has to ask himself. But you have to remember, Fernando Alonso chased the money, he went to teams where he was getting more money than what he would’ve got in another team that probably has a better chance of winning a World Title and he probably now regrets that," Jordan says in the Formula For Success podcast.

Five or six championships

Jordan feels the Spaniard has not made the most of his career because of his past choices. "If I was to say to Fernando, if he was sitting there opposite me, ‘I think Fernando, you made a mistake, you’ve still got a great legacy, twice World Champion but you in your heart know it could’ve easily been five or six.’"