Liberty criticise Ecclestone-era: "There was no business"

27-08-2018 14:04
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
F1 News
Liberty criticise Ecclestone-era: There was no business

Sean Bratches, commercial director of the Formula One, has criticized former F1-boss Bernie Ecclestone for the way he ran things, as "there was no business" under his management.

Liberty Media, the new owner of the F1, is currently in its second full season in charge of the sport. The main target of the American company is to improve the product for the fans, to increase the spectacle. Bratches agreed with Fernando Alonso's earlier comments of the sport now being too predictable, with a severe lack of on-track excitement.

Now, Bratches explains that there was a long period of stagnation under Ecclestone, and that Liberty is working to get the sport to be more progressive again.

"There was no business," he explained to Bild.

"No digital structure, no market research, nothing.

"There was no strategy, only Bernie Ecclestone.

"Actually, you have to have a lot of respect for how he managed to do it at all. 

"But it's also clear that Formula One survived in the 21st century but didn't grow.

"Now we are building it up for the long term.

"The best days of Formula 1 are yet to come."

That's a bold claim. However, it must be said that Liberty are trying very hard to make the sport more fun and less predictable. For instance, the simpler front wings all cars must have next season should bring the field a bit closer to each other. The rules of 2021 will no doubt have the same objective.

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