Alonso hails halo: "Don't need more proof"

26-08-2018 18:32
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Alonso hails halo: Don't need more proof

Fernando Alonso has explained why today's massive crash ended well because of the halo's that were made mandatory this year on each car, as it saved Charles Leclerc on getting hit in the head by Alonso's McLaren.

The Belgian Grand Prix started with a very big crash, as Nico Hülkenberg set off a chain of accidents by missing the brake point on the first corner and ramming Alonso hard from behind. Alonso was sent flying and landed on top of Leclerc's Sauber, but he bounced off of the Monegasque's halo and therefore missed the rookie's head. You can only imagine what would've happened if the halo wasn't there.

“I flew over his car,” Alonso told the BBC, talking about the crash.

“The Halo was a very good thing to have today.

“I think for him, it helped, looking at the replay.

“We don’t need to prove it’s a good thing to have.”

The halo was initially received with a lot of criticism, as it is an ugly beam that makes the drivers less visible. However, the safety upside more than compensates that. As Alonso said, we don't need any more proof that it's a good thing. 

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