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two engineers red bull leave for ferrari

'Two Red Bull engineers quit with immediate effect and leave for Ferrari'

22 April at 18:24
Last update 22 April at 21:48

Red Bull Racing is reported to have lost two employees to Ferrari. So reports the newspaper Corriere dello Sport. The pair are said to have left work for the Milton Keynes-based team with immediate effect.

As of now, the two engineers face 'gardening leave'. In other words, they have to be compulsorily inactive for a certain period of time, otherwise, they could directly pass on sensitive information from Red Bull to their new employer.

Only under contract to Ferrari from 2024

The two (now former) Red Bull team members would reportedly start working on behalf of Ferrari from 2024. So it is not as if the formation from Maranello will be able to use their services immediately. The names of the two employees making the switch are not known.

Moreover, according to the Italian medium, it is unknown how much difference they will actually make. Indeed, it is cited that Ferrari has hired some 30 engineers over the past three years - including from top teams like Red Bull and Mercedes - but this has apparently not really paid off yet.