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'AlphaTauri will use Red Bull front suspension in 2024'

'AlphaTauri will use Red Bull front suspension in 2024'

15-04-2023 12:46 Last update: 12:50

Things are not going so well for AlphaTauri yet. There is no panic yet at the Faenza-based racing stable, but a reorganisation has already taken place. Towards the 2024 season a number of things are going to change, according to Auto, Motor und Sport reported.

Cooperationwith Red Bull Racing will be intensified, team boss Franz Tost said last week. AlphaTauri will reportedly use at least the big brother's front suspension in 2024. This is a fairly major intervention and a significant change to the concept of the car, as the current number nine among the constructors currently uses a conventional pushrod front suspension, while Red Bull's is pullrod.

AlphaTauri is bound by FIA rules, so the car will not be an exact copy of the Red Bull. Buying more parts from the Austrians is therefore not an immediate solution to the current problems, but it may make it easier for AlphaTauri to tackle aerodynamic issues.

Possible name change

It is also possible that AlphaTauri will no longer be called AlphaTauri in 2024. The aforementioned German website writes that AlphaTauri has not proved to be a "success story" as the team's name carrier. Furthermore, the formation is being repositioned and refurbished for the future.

"What has emerged is that the team needs to become more popular, the marketing better and the car faster. Investment might also be needed. A model similar to that between Ferrari and Haas would make the most sense. The US team has a development arm at Ferrari in Maranello, but also operates in other locations," AMuS said.