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Horner and Krack not happy with FIA rule: 'In that case we will pay the fine'

Horner and Krack not happy with FIA rule: 'In that case we will pay the fine'

31 March - 18:32 Last update: 19:13

Christian Horner has reacted with surprise to the FIA's sudden enforcement of a remarkable rule. From the Australian Grand Prix onwards, Formula 1 teams will no longer be allowed to climb the fences to celebrate a victory. The Red Bull Racing team boss believes that the sport will see an "iconic moment" disappear as a result.

Horner surprised by FIA action

The announcement met the governing body with a storm of criticism, with Horner also conveying his displeasure with the decision. "I was surprised it was an issue, to be honest with you, but I think anything that relates to safety, obviously, one has to take very seriously," he revealed at the press conference in Melbourne.

However, the 49-year-old Briton is particularly saddened that F1 teams will not be able to celebrate their victories as usual because of this. "It's a fairly iconic moment when you see a Grand Prix car finishing a Grand Prix and its team celebrating on a fence, and so long as it's done in a manner that is safe… I personally have never seen an issue with it," he continued.

"I've thought it's been a part of Grand Prix racing, and we've achieved that 94 times as Red Bull Racing, and not once have we ever had an injury or looked like there being an issue. But you know, if they’re the rules, they’re the rules," concludes the Red Bull boss.

Krack can't make any promises

Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack is not happy about the measure either. He says he will respect the safety rules, but does not completely rule out the possibility that "someone will climb the fence" if Fernando Alonso manages to take his 33rd win. "Fernando will certainly not pay the fine if the team jumps on the fences," said the 51-year-old Luxembourger.

"I think it's something that we need to respect if it's a pure safety directive, and if that is the rule, then we will comply with it, and if someone doesn't, then we will pay the fine," he adds. However, he believes the chances of this happening at Albert Park are slim: "I think here will be quite difficult to climb fences because there are none. It's just glass," Krack said.