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Ferrari appoints Zimmermann as engine project boss

Ferrari appoints German to build power unit for 2026

28 March at 20:25
Last update 28 March at 20:26
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Ferrari hoped to make a renewed assault on Red Bull Racing this season, but for now the team is awaiting a big challenge to catch up. In Italian media, the upcoming Grand Prix in Melbourne is seen as a race with not much to win. Ferrari is not expected to go for a win.

After the race in Australia, Formula 1 has a month off. At least, there will be no racing for a while after the cancellation of the Chinese Grand Prix. The time will no doubt be used by the teams to work on short-term updates. The longer term is also already under discussion.

Zimmermann in charge

At Ferrari, work is already underway on the power unit for 2026 and beyond. These engines are going to be 50 per cent electric. The Italians this week appointed Wolf Zimmermann to lead the 2026 engine project, reports Corriere della Serra. The German was already working within the organisation.

Zimmermann also spearheaded the current power unit, which is considered the most powerful on the grid (at least over one lap), but lacks the necessary reliability. His appointment for the 2026 project means the German will no longer be involved in the day-to-day running of the iconic Formula 1 team.