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Analysts predict Verstappen's race: 'He needs to stay out of trouble'

Analysts predict Verstappen's race: 'He needs to stay out of trouble'

19 March - 10:46 Last update: 14:46


Max Verstappen 's failure during qualifying for the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix is likely to make for an extraordinary race. At Sky Sports, analysts Timo Glock, Nico Rosberg and Damon Hill reveal what they think of Verstappen's chances during the race.

Glock is the most optimistic. "We are going to see a nice chase race," predicts the German. "He will soon report to the front, I'm sure. With the speed he has shown so far, he will plow right through the field and drive for a podium spot as early as halfway through the race."

A few spots ahead of Verstappen, Charles Leclerc will also start in the midfield. The Ferrari driver previously expressed concerns about the possibilities of overtaking in Saudi Arabia, and Glock therefore does not have high hopes for Leclerc. "With the top speed Red Bull currently has, the duel with Leclerc will be relatively easy for Verstappen," he said.

'Fifteenth is too much to ask for Verstappen'

Both former world champions do not fully share Glock's opinion. " Max has got the car to do it – provided it is reliable," Hill's prediction echoes. "He has the speed to make it through the pack. He just needs to stay out of trouble [but] he is in a vulnerable position."

Rosberg is less optimistic than both his colleagues. "Max is an absolutely brilliant racer but 15th is too much to ask, I find. With a lucky safety car, it could be very exciting."

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