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Coulthard: 'Verstappen win is ominous sign for competition'

Coulthard: 'Verstappen win is ominous sign for competition'

12 March - 08:40 Last update: 09:20


Former F1 driver David Coulthard is full of praise for Max Verstappen. The Scot expects Verstappen's first win in 2023 to be an omen of his third title.

Verstappen on three titles after 2023?

Verstappen is in such strong form, he has won more than half of the last 44 races. No fewer than 25 times the Dutchman was on the top step of the podium in the period of those 44 races. Coulthard tells Timesofindia.com that he expects a lot from the Dutchman. He will not win every race, but the competition should be afraid.

Coulthard: "I think the start of the year is an imminent omen for a third title for Max. He has time and again shown his fighting spirit. His work ethic, along with his talent, has always giving him an edge over most of his competitors. [...] There will always be exceptional drivers, that stand out. Right now, Max is that person."