F1 still trying to save German Grand Prix

09-08-2018 10:00
by Bobby Vincent
F1 still trying to save German Grand Prix

Formula One chief executive Chase Carey admits that the sport are still trying to save the German Grand Prix for next season.

Negotiations for the Miami Grand Prix came to an abrupt end recently following the two parties' inability to agree a deal.

Chase Carey is now determined to try and sort out an agreement with the organisers of the German Grand Prix, so that the Hockenheimring can remain on the Formula One calendar for the 2019 season.

"We're pushing for it," F1's chief executive told Auto Bild.

"Hockenheim is an important track and Germany is an automotive nation with a large fan base. It's an important country for us.

"But we need partners who are committed to a race and support it. We are working on that."

Carey also went on to speak about the direction that the sport is heading in right now and says that he is currently pleased with this season's entertainment it has provided the fans with.

"The two biggest stars are going head to head," Carey added.

"The advantage we have in Formula One is that, like football, we have teams that fight with each other. But we also have these man against man duels. And when two such different characters meet, it's electrifying (Seb Vettel and Lewis Hamilton).

"Vettel against Hamilton is as epic as John McEnroe against Jimmy Connors. Both are great champions fighting with everything they have, and in their case it's for their fifth world title.

"And then Hamilton does us another favour with his polarising gestures."

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