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Perez causes a stir with interview: 'You shouldn't do that, that kind of thing'

Perez causes a stir with interview: 'You shouldn't do that, that kind of thing'

8 March - 12:26

Ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix, Sergio Perez suggested knowing that he will only help Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing if he gets enough support himself. The four-time Grand Prix winner's words caused surprise to Robert Doornbos and Renger van der Zande.

Speaking to Mexican media, the 32-year-old routinier said,"Of course it's true that if I don't feel I'm getting the support I need, then I'm not going to help others either," said Perez, who was quick to add that he did not expect that to happen this year. Still, his words so close to the new season could be called remarkable.

The interview in question was also discussed at the table on Ziggo Sport's Race Café. Renger van der Zande stated that it was not smart of Perez. "You shouldn't do that, things like that. It's awkward, but they [Red Bull] also played it awkwardly with him. They at Red Bull also just said of: we want to help you, but we can't do it if Max doesn't do it. It's just very clear that Max is number one and Perez is second fiddle."

Does Perez know he is second driver?

According to the IMSA driver, it is clear from Perez's words that he knows it is all about being Verstappen's teammate. " He feels that on all sides and not just on the track," he said. Doornbos, however, disagrees with Van der Zande:"So he doesn't feel that, because otherwise you wouldn't go saying things like that. He really thinks he can do better than Max. That's the problem. In such a situation, he should not start thinking he is better than Max."

During the first race at the Bahrain International Circuit, the Mexican finished more than 10 seconds behind Verstappen. That gap would undoubtedly have been a little bigger if the reigning world champion had pushed more if the pressure from behind had been greater.