Liberty Media: "Marchionne agreed about the future of F1"

06-08-2018 09:10
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
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Liberty Media: Marchionne agreed about the future of F1

The F1 world was recently brought to a shocking halt when news came out of Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne's sudden passing, and Liberty Media CEO Chase Carey now revealed that in recent weeks, he and Marchionne were agreeing on what F1 should be like in the future.

The death of Marchionne will probably mean that a lot of the agenda regarding the future plans of Formula One need to be revisited. Ferrari famously lashed out at Liberty Media several times over the last year regarding those 2021 plans, as they even threatened to quit F1 at some point. However, in recent weeks, signs of progress were starting to show.

"We had talked with Sergio in Austria and we agreed on the main objectives to be achieved and on the direction to follow," Carey revealed to Gazzetta dello Sport.

"We just had to set the agenda because there were no divergences of views between us.

"I have never wanted to put pressure on Ferrari, I only wanted to lay the groundwork for change.

"Our logic must be understood - we want an F1 for the fans and not for the teams."

Carey, who has been the boss of Formula One since his company took over the sport from Bernie Ecclestone at the end of the 2016 season, then went on to talk about what Marchionne meant to F1.

"I had incredible respect for him, for his results in sport and business, but above all for the energy and the passion he put into it," the American continued.

"He was a strong leader, all successful people are like that."

Now, Carey will have to start building relationships with new people from Ferrari, or whoever will step up to take over Marchionne's role at the prancing horse.

"I met Louis Camilleri a couple of times, but we must also give him the right time to settle down.

"Will we find an agreement?

"I do not like giving deadlines, let alone publicly.

"We have set a schedule with the teams and see real progress for 2021."

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