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Alfa Romeo predict season with many grey hairs

Alfa Romeo predict season with "many grey hairs"

7 February - 09:46 Last update: 09:58


Alfa Romeo have unveiled the C43 for 2023, becoming the first Formula 1 team to show more than just the livery to the public. The team finished a handsome sixth in the 2022 championship and is keen to continue that line in the new F1 season.

During the launch of the C43, the team are still cautious in setting expectations. "It's always difficult at the start of the season to know where we stand. Where our competitors stand. What we want to do is continue our growth. Address all the weaknesses and to work to improve our team in all areas. We don't speak about single targets. We want to have a better overall performance and be more consistent," said Team Representative Alessandro Alunni Bravi.

Jan Monchaux added that Alfa Romeo focused on the rear of the car, where there would still be untapped potential. In addition, reliability issues, which Valtteri Bottas and Guanyu Zhou occasionally suffered from, were also high on the list. "Historically we were always very strong with reliability, but last year we lost a bit of what used to be our biggest strength," said the technical director.

Alfa Romeo not happy with the timing of the FIA

In the middle of last season, the FIA announced a rule change for 2023, requiring all teams to make floor modifications. The timing of the decision could have been a bit better as far as Monchaux is concerned. "We were slightly irritated by the timing, it was decided very late. Usually, late changes are favouring bigger outfits [teams]," he explained.

Nevertheless, Alfa Romeo hopes to continue the 2022 line in 2023, in which the team again expects a very competitive midfield. "Some outfits [teams], hopefully us, might've been able to do a bigger step. I would hope that it will be a fierce battle for the midfield, top of the midfield. Almost 6/7 teams. A season where the grey hairs will increase," said Monchaux's prediction.