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 Vettel frustrated towards FIA: 'It doesn't make much sense'

Vettel frustrated towards FIA: 'It doesn't make much sense'

4 February - 08:56 Last update: 09:13


Sebastian Vettel finds it incomprehensible that the FIA has ruled that drivers and teams are no longer allowed to make statements without permission from the organisation. Speaking to F1-insider.com, the German states that he hopes drivers will keep the courage to speak out.

In recent years, Vettel and Lewis Hamilton, among others, decided to stand up for human rights and fight discrimination during the season. It caused a lot of attention in several countries, but from next season, the rules have changed.

Those who still want to speak out on certain issues must first manage to get written permission from the FIA. It already generated a lot of resistance in Formula 1 and Vettel finds it understandable. Indeed, in his opinion, the FIA has gone down the wrong path.

"Of course, it always depends on the question you are asked and what the subject is. But I think it is absolutely important to take a stand on some issues," Vettel stated. "We have seen in recent years that more and more people are doing that. It doesn't make much sense to counter that now."

Vettel supports F1 drivers

Vettel would not say whether he would have ignored the rule himself had he still been part of Formula 1. "I'm not there anymore, so of course I can say a lot now. But of course I hope that the guys in Formula 1 continue to have the courage to stand up for their opinions and express them."