Villeneuve: "Hamilton acts like he's Jesus"

25-07-2018 10:48
by Bobby Vincent
Villeneuve: Hamilton acts like he's Jesus

Former world champion and now Sky Italia pundit, Jacques Villeneuve believes Lewis Hamilton thinks he is Jesus.

The very outspoken former world champion has a history of saying controversial comments just like this one.

Lewis Hamilton was furious with Sky pundits after his win in Hockenheim, claiming that they didn't have a nice word to say about the Mercedes driver despite his heroic drive.

Hamilton later deleted the comment off his Instagram page, but they'll 100% know about it.

Jacques Villeneuve didn't respond too well to this and launched an attack on the man who is currently at the top of the drivers' standings.

"We should not be surprised by Hamilton," Villeneuve said to Auto Bild.

"He confuses Formula One with Hollywood. Everythng he does is staged.

"He portrays himself like he is Jesus on social media. The way he knelt down beside his car after his problem in Qualifying, as if he was enduring the suffering of Christ. Also what he said afterwards was just like the Sermon on the Mount.

"Then he gestured so dramatically on the podium that everyone could see who sent the sudden rain."

Villeneuve is clearly wound up by Hamilton's antics, but is he out of order for almost questionning Lewis' religion?

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