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Aston Martin explains Alonso switch: 'He already knew'

Aston Martin explains Alonso switch: 'He already knew'

25 January - 10:55 Last update: 12:16


Fernando Alonso decided to leave Alpine last year, despite being41-years-old, and take up a challenge at Aston Martin. According to team boss Mike Krack, the Spanish driver made this decision for a reason, he told AS.

Aston Martin has ambitions to make great strides in Formula 1 in the coming years and eventually compete for prizes. Although several teams have expressed these ambitions in the past, Krack is sure that his team will be able to do it. Indeed, according to him, there is an important difference between Aston Martin and the other formations.

"We take it more seriously. Our ambitions are credible. Nobody has made the investments to achieve that. There are teams that say they will win in three years or a hundred races," Krack said.

"But what are they doing to win? With the factory, wind tunnel and new simulators: there is a huge investment behind it. That's why it was clear to Fernando so quickly. In fact, we didn't even have to convince him. He already knew - he has his contacts everywhere. We are credible. We don't just talk: we act."

Difficult years at Aston Martin

With Sebastian Vettel in the team, Aston Martin has had two difficult seasons. In 2021, they finished seventh among constructors with 77 points. Aston Martin finished in the same position a year later, but with 22 points less. So in the coming years, performance needs to go up quite a bit.

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