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Russell does not fear problems with Lewis in title fight

Russell does not fear problems with Lewis in title fight

22 January - 09:00 Last update: 12:49


With only one win in 2022, it does not seem obvious that Mercedes will be the team to beat this year. If the Germans do manage to make a real fast car, then with George Russell and Lewis Hamilton the team at least has a driver duo that can fire each other up.

Two drivers with the qualities to become world champions. In the past, with Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, Mercedes has already experienced how different the dynamics within the team become then. There was not war between the two, but it came close. Should Hamilton and Russell both have a chance of winning the championship, it could mean high tensions again.


In conversation with, among others, Motorsport Russell confirmed that the dynamics could change the moment he is in a title fight with Hamilton. However, the Englishman does add that both men's careers are at different stages. "If we get to next season and we’ve got a car that’s capable of 1-2 finishes, we will have a huge amount of pride in thinking we have contributed together in helping the team achieve this. And then we go about our business. But we’ve got no reason to have conflict. We have got a good relationship. We need to give each other respect, and I think we gave each other respect, in Mexico at the first corners as an example."  

Russell finished the season two spots above Hamilton, who suffered a lot from porpoising especially at the beginning of the year. Moreover, the former world champion did not manage to win a Grand Prix. His last win already dates back to Saudi Arabia in 2021.

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