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Leclerc does not recognise criticism: 'Very difficult for us'

Leclerc does not recognise criticism: 'Very difficult for us'

20 January - 11:19 Last update: 13:17


Charles Leclerc was criticised last season for not taking the lead enough at Ferrari. However, the Monegasque cannot agree with those words, he told The Race. Indeed, according to Leclerc, it is difficult to make your own decisions during a race.

Leclerc started the season excellently, but Ferrari did not follow that line for long. The team made strategic mistakes, the reliability of the car was poorer than expected and did not always look good during pit stops.

Leclerc on critical leadership

With the driver, however, there were also areas for improvement. Leclerc was in title contention for the first time in his career and noticed that he was not yet getting the most out of himself on all circuits. In terms of leadership, Leclerc believes he needs to stay mostly himself.

"I think people do not realise how little information we have inside the car and what is going on around us," Leclerc said of the criticism. "So yes, you can say a preference about a tyre compound or something like that, but sometimes the calls are done really last minute."

"In very specific situations, of course you can do a better job as a driver and I could have done a better job in some very tricky situations," he continued. "I could have been probably a bit more vocal, but then on the other calls it is very difficult for us to have a clearer picture of what’s going around."

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