Rumour: Ferrari over a second faster in 2023

Positive noises from Maranello: 'New Ferrari over one second faster'

19 January at 11:37
Last update 19 January at 13:50

Ferrari will present their new 2023 car on 14 February. On Wednesday, La Gazzetta dello Sport managed to report that the Italian engine will increase by as much as 30bhp, but another source now reports that Ferrari expect to be over one second faster next season.

The 2023 season will be an important year for Ferrari. After the dramatic turn in the title race last season, the Italians want to come back stronger to take the fight back to Red Bull Racing, and who knows, maybe Mercedes too. With Frederic Vasseur in charge as team boss, Ferrari are tackling a number of things differently, but major changes within the team are still pending.

The usually well-informed reports that the launch of the new Ferrari car will take place in Maranello, not Imola as reported earlier. Indeed, time is running out to organise the logistics of the presentation. The production of the 2023 car has been delayed, yet calm reigns at the factory. Indeed, the optimisation work is said to be flawless.

'New Ferrari a second faster than F1-75'

Ferrari drivers are heavily engaged in simulation work. In particular, the reliability of the engine, which proved to be a major problem in 2022, needs to be addressed. The first figures from the simulator are positive, however, with reliable sources from reporting that the 2023 car is more than one second faster than last season's F1-75.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether the information from the simulator also matches the actual performance on track, but at least the first noises from Maranello are positive. At the end of February, we will get our first idea about the 2023 rankings during the test days in Bahrain.