'Ferrari addresses reliability issues: Engine gains 30 hp for 2023'

'Ferrari addresses reliability issues: Engine gains 30 hp for 2023'

20-12-2022 07:27 Last update: 09:25

Ferrari expects to be a lot more competitive in the new season after the disappointment of 2022, where the team threw away the title itself. According to rumours, the Ferrari engine will have a lot more horsepower, which the Italians hope will improve reliability.

The 2022 season was not Ferrari's year. Charles Leclerc entered the title fight with Max Verstappen at the beginning of the season, but Ferrari's numerous strategic errors and poor engine reliability meant the Monegasque had to watch his rival win the title in dominant fashion.

The new Ferrari car will be an evolution of the 2022 car, but reports that the team will make many changes to improve drag and address the loss of downforce due to porpoising. However, this will all have little effect if the Italians do not address the car's reliability.

Ferrari addresses reliability issues

As the engines are frozen until the new 2026 regulations, Ferrari cannot simply change engine elements. Therefore, there is only one way Ferrari can tackle the problem: make the most powerful engine possible, but at the cost of reliability problems. Indeed, the only modifications that may be made are to improve reliability. The performance of the engine may not be improved under the new rules.

According to the Spanish medium, Ferrari expects to gain around 30 horsepower. This does not mean that the engine suddenly has thirty hp more, but that the limit of the engine's performance will be higher. More power means the engine can be used longer, improving performance. Over a single lap, the improvement will hardly be noticed by Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, but it will be felt during a race in the Ferrari's acceleration and top speed.