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'This is the most impressive performance I have ever seen'

'This is the most impressive performance I have ever seen'

06-12-2022 09:11 Last update: 10:45


David Coulthard expects Sergio Perez to be even stronger on the track next year than in his first two seasons at Red Bull Racing. In a look back at this season, The Red Bull advisor complimented the results of Perez and the rest of the team.

For Perez, it remained exciting until the end where he would finish third in the standings. Due to a strong performance by Charles Leclerc and Ferrari, Perez closed the last race - and thus the championship - in third place behind Leclerc. And that while Perez still said at the beginning of the season that he wanted to fight for the title.

That Red Bull Racing's team revolves around Max Verstappen may be obvious but, according to Coulthard, Perez really should not be dismissed. "It is still his best result in the driver’s world championship," Coulthard stressed. "The dream didn't quite come true but this is the strongest season the team has ever had. What fuel and motivation Perez has going into another two years of contract and another two opportunities to achieve the ultimate goal."

'Most impressive performance ever'

Coulthard also stressed that not only Perez and Verstappen, but the entire organisation deserves compliments for this season. " I think overall, the efforts of everyone at Milton Keynes, everyone on the racetrack, has to be celebrates, has to be applauded, because the effort to deliver what has been one of the longest seasons in Formula 1 is just monumental. I’ve been in Formula 1 for a long time, but this is one of the most impressive performances I have ever seen from a team."

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