Tributes to Brawn: 'Current success of F1 partly down to him'

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4 December at 15:14
Last update 4 December at 15:33

Recently, Ross Brawn announced his departure from Formula 1 after a 46-year career in the sport, during which he rose from apprentice mechanic to team boss and achieved successes at Benetton, Ferrari, Honda and Mercedes, among others, as well as his own team Brawn GP. Several team bosses reveal what Brawn has meant to F1.

In his role as director of motorsport in F1, Brawn played a key role in the development and growth of the sport, including his input into the new technical regulations for and initiatives such as the budget cap. Several team bosses express their gratitude towards Brawn and point to the impact he has had on the paddock in his various roles.

F1 team bosses thank Brawn

"I think we can only thank Ross for everything he has done for us teams and for Formula 1, not just in these years he was working for Formula 1, but throughout this entire career," said McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl in conversation with He believes Brawn has done important work regarding rule changes, but also, for example, with the Concorde deal.

Guenther Steiner fully concurs with those words, highlighting the positive impact of the 2022 regulations as something Brawn can be particularly proud of. "I think that is the biggest compliment we can give to Ross, because that was his child, basically, to put these regulations through," says the Haas team boss. "He was present when it was needed to make these things happen for Formula 1, and the success of Formula 1 in the moment is partly down also to him."