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Alpine's 2023 car impresses in simulator: 'Incredibly fast'

Alpine's 2023 car impresses in simulator: 'Incredibly fast'

03-12-2022 07:30 Last update: 09:13


Esteban Ocon will face Pierre Gasly will be teammates next year. In recent weeks, there has been some controversy about Gasly's appointment at Alpine. The two Frenchmen allegedly do not get along at all, but Ocon can only laugh at those stories.

In their youth, Ocon and Gasly clashed several times, but that period is far behind the drivers. Both Alpine drivers do not expect any problems in 2023. "It's a bit," Ocon replied when asked by GP Racing whether he finds the persistent questions about his relationship with Gasly annoying. "I understand you guys would like more drama, because you have some articles to write! But no, there is none of that."

Ocon argues that it is in everyone's interest for Gasly and him to work closely together, so that positive steps can be taken with the car to compete for podium finishes or perhaps wins. "Once we get that car there, it’s up to the best [driver] to win. We need to get there first.”

Quick adjustment Gasly expected

The 26-year-old driver has been involved in the development of the 2023 car, something Gasly cannot say. Still, Ocon says he expects his new teammate will probably not need much time to get up to speed. He argues that Gasly is very experienced and has already racked up miles for many teams at the highest level. The adjustment and acclimatisation should therefore not take long, Ocon believes.

Next year's Alpine has already been tested several times in the simulator. The feeling is good. "It was very encouraging, and incredibly fast I would say. OK, so far it’s only simulations, but it feels good," Ocon said.

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