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Wolff predicts setback for Red Bull: 'One to two tenths per lap'

Wolff predicts setback for Red Bull: 'One to two tenths per lap'

02-12-2022 12:02 Last update: 12:44


After a disappointing season, Mercedes hopes to compete for the world title again in 2023. With Red Bull Racing's wind tunnel penalty, the team might be slower next year. Toto Wolff predicts how much time Max Verstappen's team will lose next season.

After winning the constructors' title in 2021, Mercedes never expected to have to watch Red Bull run away with the title this season. The team started the season well behind Ferrari and the Milton Keynes-based team. Only in the closing stages of the season did Mercedes manage to close the gap more and George Russell even managed to win a Grand Prix.

Nevertheless, the season finale in Abu Dhabi again showed that Mercedes is still slightly behind, but the team is confident that the last problems can be solved during the winter break. In addition, Red Bull will start the new season at a disadvantage. This is because the team has received a 10 percent reduction in wind tunnel time as punishment for breaching the budget cap.

Setback for Red Bull

In an interview with Speedweek.com Wolff makes a prediction on how big the setback will be for Red Bull. "We think one to two-tenths of a second per lap, above the season average", he says.

The team was penalised for overspending in 2021. This would include things like catering and sick leave. According to Wolff, however, this does not mean that no extra money was spent on developing the car.

"We offer the same social benefits, from canteen to maternity leave, insurance and so on, which are far above the usual norm. If you have two million more, you spend it on technology. We had the last technical update at Silverstone this year, Red Bull Racing had four after that", says the Mercedes team boss.

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