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No pity for Ferrari: 'That's why they paid the big bucks'

No pity for Ferrari: 'That's why they paid the big bucks'

29-11-2022 13:40 Last update: 17:15

Karun Chandhok believes the bar needs to be raised at Ferrari. Too many mistakes were made by the team and drivers in 2022, and according to Chandhok, pressure should not be an excuse for not performing.

In 2022, Ferrari finished second among constructors and often had the fastest car on Saturdays. A huge step forward for Mattia Binotto's team, but not good enough. Binotto steps down as team boss at the end of this season, and under the leadership of the a new manager, the bar will have to be raised.

Binotto's departure

''They've got to be honest with themselves. If I think back to the great team bosses of the sport, Ron Dennis, Frank Williams, Jean Todt, Ross Brawn, they didn't suffer fools. They would not have tolerated multiple errors strategically in the way that they've had this year. And some of it's just basic, like what we saw in Brazil – when there's water on the ground, you put the wet tires on, if there's no water, you put the dry ones on,'' the former F1 driver told Betway.

Chandhok also says the drivers need to look in their mirrors. After all, they too have made their mistakes this season. The R&D department gets compliments, though. ''Not only did they start the season with a fast car, but they've kept up with developments. The car is still fast and competitive. So on that side they've done well.''

Pressure at Ferrari

Yet nowhere is the pressure greater than at Ferrari. The team will settle for nothing less than the world title, as Binotto's departure shows. The drivers are also under constant pressure from the management, but also from the Tifosi. These, in fact, yearn for a first world title since 2008. However, according to Chandhok, that should not count as an excuse.

''That's why they're all in it, isn't it? They're in this game to win, that's why their paid the big bucks. They're not being paid five-figure salaries to do their jobs. They're paid six, seven-figure salaries, so you're paid to deal with the pressure, just like drivers are paid big money to deal with the pressure and the risks and the dangers. That's part of the territory, it's what you've signed up for,'' Chandhok concludes.