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Newey warns Red Bull against underestimating: 'It is quite possible'

Newey warns Red Bull against underestimating: 'It is quite possible'

28-11-2022 16:45 Last update: 18:34


With Adrian NeweyRed Bull Racing has a man in the team that many Formula 1 teams are somewhat jealous of. The Austrian formation's top man managed to come up with several successful concepts in the past and therefore seems to be a guarantee of success. However, he tries to remain realistic.

Newey talks to Auto, Motor und Sport about Red Bull's situation in the motorsport class. This season, it not only managed to take the world title but also won the constructors' championship. It gives Red Bull a lot of confidence for the coming years.

Newey guards against slacking off

At the beginning of the season, teams had to deal with new regulations, making it quite a puzzle to come up with a well-performing concept. Red Bull is doing better than the competition for now, but Newey says that does not guarantee a successful future.

Indeed, the Brit knows that things could just be different one day. "We all don't know yet where we will end up in the development of our own concepts. Maybe someone else has much greater development potential that is currently lagging behind," Newey reveals.

"We will continue to develop our concept because we know it best. But I dare not say whether our way is the best way. It is quite possible that someone else will come around the corner with a better idea."

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