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Verstappen doesn't go along with criticism: 'Otherwise you better stop'

Verstappen doesn't go along with criticism: 'Otherwise you better stop'

27-11-2022 16:30 Last update: 18:17


The Formula 1 calendar counts no less than 24 race weekends this coming calendar year, setting a new record for the motorsport class. While several drivers and team bosses speak critically about the current programme, Max Verstappen states that he is not bothered by this.

The Dutch driver believes it is normal to experience a lot of pressure in the sport. Speaking to Motorsport.com, he stressed how tough the season varies from year to year, so drivers will also have to deal with peaks and troughs in the coming years.

According to Verstappen, people within Formula 1 simply have to work hard to be successful during the race year and deal with the pressure that comes with it. "If you are not prepared for that, you better stop right?" the two-time world champion pointed out to critical drivers.

Verstappen enjoys Formula 1

Although the successful Red Bull Racing driver has now achieved everything he wanted to achieve in his career, Verstappen is still enjoying his time in Formula 1 to the fullest. He asks the other drivers in the sport to do the same. "We are all racers and we enjoy doing this," he said.

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