'CEO Ferrari may temporarily take over job Binotto'


26 November 2022 at 15:08
Last update 26 November 2022 at 15:57
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Frederic Vasseur is still the biggest contender to take over Mattia Binotto's duties at Ferrari. The latter is most likely to leave after 28 years of active service at the Italian team. It is possible that some kind of interim pawn will be appointed first in the form of Benedetto Vigna.

Sources close to Ferrari are said to SoyMotor.com told that there is a chance that Vigna will take on the role of interim boss. The 53-year-old Italian is currently Ferrari's CEO. It does seem ruled out that Vigna will become Binotto's final successor.

The winter period in preparation for the 2023 F1 year counts as important months that will determine how competitive Ferrari appears at the start of the new season. Ferrari will hope to get Vasseur's arrival sorted out as soon as possible, although it is not inconceivable anyway that Vigna will in practice be in charge in the first few months. After all, Vasseur is entering a very different environment, has not been involved in the development of the 2023 car and does not (yet) speak Italian either.

Is Ferrari doing the right thing?

Earlier this Saturday, Corriere wrote that not everyone is happy about Binotto's imminent departure. Several Ferrari employees do not feel that the Maranello-based team will be directly strengthened by Binotto, knowing all the ins and outs of next year's car design, walking out the door.