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Pressure on Binotto increases at Ferrari: 'Second is the first loser'

Pressure on Binotto increases at Ferrari: 'Second is the first loser'

26-11-2022 07:22 Last update: 10:20


Mattia Binotto may be facing his final season at Ferrari. Due to disappointing results, he is under pressure within the team and must hope that he still gets the support he needs. CEO Benedetto Vigna reveals to Class CNBC that he is not satisfied with the situation.

The Italians have been waiting for another world title for 15 years. This season, it seemed to have a chance with Charles Leclerc, but after a good start to the season, he had to give up the fight already. In the process, things went wrong on several occasions in technical, strategic and individual areas, among others.

All eyes are now on Binotto. The team boss brought the necessary calm within the formation in recent years, but did not yet manage to bring Ferrari back to the top. People within Ferrari seem to blame him for that.

Vigna expects more from F1 team

At the last meeting, Vigna therefore gave a clear statement, he told Italian Medium. The Ferrari CEO feels the Formula 1 team is on the way back, but feels some changes are still needed to go for the world title all season.

"I am not satisfied with second place, because second is the first loser," he makes clear. "We have made progress, so I am satisfied with the path we are on. I'm just not satisfied with second place. I think the team needs something to improve over time."

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