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Horner: 'The quickest way to become unpopular in F1 is to win consistently'

Horner: 'The quickest way to become unpopular in F1 is to win consistently'

24 November - 19:19 Last update: 19:59

Red Bull Racing managed to win a whopping 17 races in the 2022 Formula 1 season. Christian Horner realises this is painful for rival teams and reckons they will come back stronger for that very reason.

While both championships were already pretty much sealed, controversy arose around the Austrian racing team's budget cap. "The higher you rise, the sharper the knives. We've experienced a bit of that this year. And the quickest way to become unpopular in this paddock is to win and win consistently," Horner told GPblog among other media.

Horner understands pain among rivals

Moreover, he thinks the fact that Red Bull is an energy drink manufacturer may be a bit sensitive with its rivals. "We're a subsidiary of an energy drink racing against OEMs and historic brands. And of course that does not sit comfortably with some of our competitors," the Red Bull team boss continued.

Horner thinks Red Bull's dominant season is hurting rival teams Ferrari and Mercedes, but, for that very reason, believes that these teams will come back stronger. "When you win 17 Grands Prix and do what we've done, you can understand that it hurts our opponents and I'm sure they'll be even more motivated to become a challenger next year," Horner said, stressing that "nothing can be taken for granted" in 2023.

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