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Wolff enthusiastic about Schumacher: 'Ffts the team'

Wolff enthusiastic about Schumacher: 'Ffts the team'

24-11-2022 13:56 Last update: 17:48


Mick Schumacher is currently without a Formula 1 team next season. However, it is quite possible that we will see the talented driver on the circuits in 2023. Indeed, Mercedes may choose him as a reserve driver.

Indeed, Toto Wolff is very keen on Schumacher, partly because of Mercedes' history with his family. For instance, the German formation brought Michael Schumacher back to Formula 1 in 2010 and he experienced three seasons for Mercedes.

Wolff favours cooperation

The Austrian team boss is therefore keen on working with son Mick Schumacher. According to Wolff, despite his disappointing departure from Haas F1, Schumacher has enough qualities to succeed in Formula 1 one day, he told Formula1.com.

"Mick is someone that has always been close to our heart because of Michael, or the whole Schumacher family," Wolff states. "Ralf was in a DTM for a long time for us, his son races Mercedes [cars] in GTs. He’s an intelligent, well-mannered young man, [and] he’s been very successful in junior formulas."

Wolff is therefore keeping open the possibility of contracting Schumacher. "We believe that we can look after him if the situation were to happen and with someone that fits the team, but we haven’t really put pen to paper, we haven’t really come anywhere close to any terms."