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Verstappen won't follow Alonso: 'Then I'm done with it'

Verstappen won't follow Alonso: 'Then I'm done with it'

24-11-2022 11:06 Last update: 11:31

Max Verstappen has made it known before, but states in Max Verstappen: Picture Perfect once again that he does not plan to stay in F1 for very long. He will sit out his contract until 2028, but after that, anything is possible.

In a major interview published by Viaplay on Thursday, Verstappen looks back on his 2022 Formula 1 season through a book of photos. This includes a look at his bond with Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard is a big fan of Max and that is mutual. Max has a lot of respect for the two-time world champion who once drove against his father Jos.

Verstappen will not succeed Alonso

At 41, Alonso is also the oldest F1 driver on the paddock and although Verstappen admires his career and drive, he does not see himself still active in F1 at 41. ''No, definitely not. Not in Formula 1 in any case. There are so many races now that I don't see myself doing that,'' Verstappen said in the interview.

''At some point you're done with it and you just want to do other things.'' Asked if Verstappen has any records he wants to break before he quits Formula 1, he said the following: ''Not necessarily any of those records I want to break. Of course you also need luck in your career that you have good cars, but if it stops here then I'm fine with that too.''

Verstappen confirms that he will continue for a while. ''Definitely until 2028, after that we'll see. I'll also be 31 by then. Of course 41 is still a bit then, but I don't see myself driving F1 at 41,'' concludes Verstappen, who will let his future after 2028 depend mainly on how competitive he is still and how good the car he is driving is.

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