"Hugely significant session for Ferrari" as Vettel tops Mercedes

06-07-2018 16:28
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
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Hugely significant session for Ferrari as Vettel tops Mercedes

After Mercedes dominated FP1, Sebastian Vettel managed to beat both the Silver Arrows in FP2, and that could be huge for tomorrow's qualifying, according to the Sky Sports F1 pundits.

Kimi Raikkonen was quickest for a good chunk of FP2, but was trumped by his teammate Sebastian Vettel eventually, and both Mercedes cars surpassed the Ice Man as well when they switched to the soft tyre, the softest compound available at Silverstone. Not Vettel, however.

The German was more than two tenths quicker than second-placed Lewis Hamilton. It looked like both teams gave it their all, which is a good sign for Ferrari, the Sky Sports pundits agree on.

"I think it's highly encouraging for Ferrari that they're in amongst the Mercedes," Martin Brundle thinks.

"I just have the feeling that this is a hugely significant session," co-commentator David Croft added.

If that really is the case, this could mean good things for Vettel, who has seen Hamilton win his home Grand Prix four times in a row now. All streaks have to be broken at some point; will Vettel be the one that does so? 

"This is a Mercedes circuit, it has been for a long time, and Ferrari have come here and topped them," Anthony Davidson explained.

 "It might not be a race victory for Mercedes - I think that Ferrari update is working pretty well round here."

A bold prediction, given Mercedes' track record, but maybe a true one - we'll have to wait and see!

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