Zak Brown: Instability to blame for McLaren's downfall

04-07-2018 14:20
by Matt Gretton
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Zak Brown: Instability to blame for McLaren's downfall

McLaren's CEO Zak Brown blames management instability for the downfall the F1 team has experienced. He labelled the situation as "completely unacceptable" as McLaren continue to struggle in 2018.

This morning, McLaren's racing director Eric Boullier resigned just two days until the start of their home Grand Prix weekend. Brown confirms he is working on a major reshuffle that he hopes will help the team return to their former success.

Martin Whitmarsh, Ron Dennis, Jost Capito and now Boullier have all been involved in changes at the top of McLaren's structure over recent seasons. And it's these changes that draw the attention of Zak Brown.

"Obviously our results this year have demonstrated that we have a big performance issue," Brown said in a media call today.

"We are punching well below our weight given the history, the talent of people, the resources, and the technology at our disposal. This comes from a culmination of really being destabilised over many years within our team.

"If you look at our past seven or eight years, we have had different CEO's, different shareholders, shareholders in, shareholders out, CEO's in, CEO's out. And we have really failed to get on stable footing to be able to rebuild this great team, which is now what we are going to do."

Just last week, a former McLaren employee suggested these sorts of changes needed to be made, but McLaren won't have the money to perform such a costly performance.

Over the course of 2018, McLaren have already scored more points and picked up more sponsors. Brown went on to say the team are heading in the right direction.

Following on from Boullier's departure, Brown confirmed this is just the start of an overhaul.

"This is the start of the process, everybody is being reviewed and I'm going to withhold giving a play-by-play on how we're going to rebuild our team to race-winning success."

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