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Verstappen reveals: 'I did like the spirit of Jordan'

Verstappen reveals: 'I did like the spirit of Jordan'

15-11-2022 19:48 Last update: 23:09


Max Verstappen was the big absentee in the last season of 'Drive to Survive'. In the year he became world champion for the first time, the Dutchman did not want to participate in the series. Despite his frustration with 'Drive to Survive' at the time, Verstappen appears to be a fan of sports documentaries.

For instance, Verstappen enjoyed 'The last dance', a documentary series about basketball player Michael Jordan and his iconic team Chicago Bulls. In an extensive interview with GQ he talks about it. "Of course, not everything about that is 100 percent true, because it’s a documentary and some things for sure are a bit hyped up,” he said. “But I did like the spirit of Michael Jordan, how he was pushing it, how he was driven to win.”

Being himself

Although Verstappen admires Jordan, that does not mean he is an outspoken fan of the former basketball player. The world champion is not someone who adores others. Of course, his room back in the days used to be full of posters, but on those it was about the cars and not the drivers in them. “I never really had someone that I looked up to. Like, ‘I really want to be like this guy’ or whatever. I just wanted to be myself. That works the best."

He continued: “If you start copying people, you can only be as good as them. You cannot be better.” Saying that, many young drivers are fans of Verstappen and want to follow in his footsteps. For them, there is good news: next season, Verstappen will be back in 'Drive to Survive'.

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