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Vettel on a return in F1: 'You can't rule anything out'

Vettel on a return in F1: 'You can't rule anything out'

10-11-2022 21:53 Last update: 22:04


Sebastian Vettel is almost finishing his farewell tour. Brazil and Abu Dhabi remain, and in about a week and a half his career as an F1 driver will be over. With four world titles, he will forever be in the history books, just like his compatriot Michael Schumacher.

Schumacher and Vettel are Germany's most successful Formula One drivers ever. Schumacher once retired, but made his comeback to the sport. He got behind the wheel of the Mercedes, with which, he could not repeat his earlier successes.

Today it is 'no'

Vettel is calling it a day at the age of 35. German RTL asked him if a departure now is a departure forever. "I think the moment you resign, you resign. But you can't rule anything out. Today I can answer it with no. But maybe next year or in two years I'll think about it completely differently. Time will tell."

The German won a total of 53 Grands Prix. Naturally, he would like to increase that number, but the chances of that happening in the Aston Martin seem slim. "Of course it would be nice to win my last race. But if you are realistic, that will be very difficult." Much more realistically, Vettel will try to get some important points for the English team in Brazil and Abu Dhabi.