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De Vries possibly in action for McLaren in absence of Norris

De Vries possibly in action for McLaren in absence of Norris

10-11-2022 14:36 Last update: 15:02


Lando Norris left for the hotel sick on Thursday with possible food poisoning. The team expects the driver to return to the grid on Friday to complete the first free practice session. If this still fails then Nyck de Vries will come into action. So reports Formula 1 journalist Will Buxton.

De Vries has already made several appearances in the motorsport class this season. The Dutchman, who will join AlphaTauri next season, has already driven for Mercedes, Williams, Aston Martin and Williams. With the latter team, he also entered the race in Italy as Alexander Albon's replacement.

Outside the four teams, De Vries also stepped into a 2021 Alpine car this year. Should he have to replace an ailing Norris, he competed for no fewer than five teams this calendar year, giving him half of the racing stables.

McLaren assumes return of Norris

If it is up to McLaren, De Vries will not have to return to action in Brazil. The team reportedly expects it will do the driver good to take a day's rest and return to action on Friday. However, De Vries will be prepared for anything.